Book Review Policies

WOW! Thanks for considering me to review your novel!

Right now I am currently open to review requests. As we all have time constraints please make sure to read my below review disclosure as well as my list of acceptable review requests. Any request that shows blatent disregard to either will be deleted without reply (it’s just rude and shows a lack of respect).


  • I only accept books from: authors, agents, publishers, and publicists.
  • All of my reviews are 100% my bona-fide genuine opinion and always will be. Therefore, ‘good or favorable’ reviews cannot and will not ever be bought from me. I keeps it real, ya’ll!
  • Please include a brief summary of the novel, the release date (if it isn’t released yet), any other information you feel needs to be included.
  • If a review needs to be done and posted by a specific deadline, this must be included in the inquiry (I do have a son. If I feel that I cannot meet that deadline I will respectfully decline the review from the get-go as to not waste both of our time) otherwise accepted book reviews will be completed within 90 days of acceptance.
  • Due to my other obligations, I cannot accept every inquiry. Therefore, I accept only the ones I know I will read. Please do keep me in mind for any future novels that you feel may be a good fit.
  • I do not guarantee that every novel I accept will be read immediately or posted on my blog immediately after receiving it. (The only exception to this is if a due date was included in the inquiry that I accepted then I will have a review posted by that deadline)
  • I reserve the right to not post a review of your novel if for any reason I don’t feel comfortable doing so. This could be mainly if I don’t feel that there is much I can say about it either good or bad.
  • I always start off my reviews with the first sentence of the book. If this is not something that you like than please to not submit.
  • Any other questions or concerns please ask.

BUSINESS AND REVIEW INQUIRES ONLY (all others will be flagged as spam:


(In order of preference)


  • Paranormal (Paranormal Romance is my utmost favorite genre)
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary/Realistic
  • Science Fiction


  • Paranormal
  • Contemporary/Realistic


  • Paranormal/Fantasy
  • “Chick-Lit”/Women’s Fiction
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Literary Fiction


  • Physical copy (printed ARCs and finished copies)
  • Digital copy, ePub (I have a Nook HD)


All of my ratings are on a scale of 1 through 5 :

  1. I loathed this novel
  2. It was an alright novel
  3. I enjoyed it
  4. I really liked the novel

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