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The Birth of There She Reads

Hello to all you book readers out there!

I have always found it tricky to write the first post on a blog. Where do you start? What do you say? Is anyone even going to read this? Many thoughts rush through my head while I sit at my laptop contemplating the beginning of a new blog.

I’ll start off with my name! You can call me Tru.

I am a twenty-something Asian American living in the bipolar state of Michigan. A professional attire wearing girl by day and bookaholic by night. I have blogged on and off for many years. More so during my early teens to early twenties and then I went through a bit of a dry spell buy am now ready to jump back in!

What inspired me to start up again, and especially a book blog you ask?

It all happened after I attended my most recent book signing (Smart Chicks Kick Butt Tour 2011) with a great friend of mine, Allie Sanders Writes and Rambles, who is already actively blogging and writing. This was our second one together and I was pretty geeked for the authors. Whilst waiting for the gig to start she introduced me to That Bookish Girl. Other bloggers such as Jackie from Literary Escapism and Page Turners were also there and everyone was talking to everyone. Even taking the time to write a list of authors for me to check out. It was the first time I personally experienced how friendly and open the book blogging community is. Don’t get me wrong… readers in general are in a league of their own. I love how open we all are in sharing our thoughts and recommendations on books which is another reason for my long time love affair with reading. Meeting these great bloggers and coming to the realization that I am also soon to be done with college (for now) inspired and pushed me to create TSR. What better way to sharpen my writing skills and read more often than I have been lately? So a big thank you to the fabulous bloggers who inspired this random reader they met that night.

A little about my reading history is in order I presume. I honestly hated reading all the way up until middle school and I cannot pinpoint the exact moment or book that started it all. I can however, recall nights where I would be sprawled on my bedroom floor reading by way of night light (sharing a room with my older sister I feared waking her up). Therein lies the inspiration for the title of my blog. There She Reads… a play off of “there she goes,” and because I have always read anywhere I possibly could. In the car, on the floor, in my bed, anywhere I had time and a book.

I could go on and on but this is enough for the first post.

Please just bear with me as I put my blog together. The next post will be on the Smart Chicks Kick Butt Tour.