About TSR

Hi fellow book lovers! Hello, hello, hello!

There She Reads (TSR) is a book blog cultivated for those who fancy reading and prefer to read reviews that are always 100% genuine. Specifically: Young Adult Fiction (most genres), Adult Fiction (some genres), although some other special genres may be sprinkled throughout.

TSR is the brainchild of me, Tru. I am 29 and a business-attire-wearer by day and dream-chasing-aspiring-writer by night. I am eclectic in the things I like and jump from thing to thing because my mind never likes to rest. I love my son, Lincoln and family unconditionally. Coffee is my life force. Aside from reading my list of hobbies could go on forever. A few are: photography, crafting, jewelry making, watercolor….

All my life I have loved to read. It was my first love in many ways. When I was younger and still shared a bedroom with my older sister I would read on the floor at night by way of nightlight (don’t EVER wake up your older sibling). I was always definitely an escapist reader. Reading to get away when things weren’t great, living in worlds not my own. I just loved it.

I enjoy almost every sort of book and I will always finish a book. Even if I dislike it because every book should be finished… even if it takes me many attempts at re-reads and years in between. It will be read.

I did slow down when I had my sweet Linc-Monster but am now rekindling my long-time love affair with novels.


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